November 28th, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy day of giving thanks, everyone!! It was pretty low-key for us. So low-key, in fact, that it's hardly been any different from a regular Thursday, which is to say that we worked. But the series we worked on is one of the easier ones we have, so it was like a holiday in that sense. We even finished our first draft a little before our ideal quitting time! Then we worked on Saint Young Men, because that's due on Tuesday, and with some of the research we do on that thing, there is really no way to accurately predict how long it will take. It's like that principle, where you have to assume that whatever you do is going to take longer than you expected, even when taking that principle into account...only you have to assume it's going to take waaaaaaaaaaay longer than even that. That's how this volume of Saint Young Men has been going (you may recall, we started it like a month ago).

Then we had to decide if we wanted to keep working on Saint Young Men until dinner time, or if we wanted to take advantage of the holiday to say nah, we can have fun now. We decided on a compromise, where we worked a little bit longer, then went to have fun. You see, exactly one week ago today, our copy of Pokemon Shield arrived, and we had not had any time to play it! ...Or rather, we haven't had time to start it. With video games these days, you never know how long it's going to take to get to the real meat of the gameplay, so we like to have at least two hours, preferably longer, when getting started. Either way, Pokemon is the type of game you want to wander around and take your time with, so it's nice to have big chunks of time.

But the point is, we played Pokemon Shield today! And it's so cute! We're really loving the British-style world. It kind of makes me want to use Harry Potter names and terms to nickname all the Pokemon, but also we just like to call the Pokemon by their species name. We always struggle with the naming aspect. We're playing the game in English this time, because one of the reasons we made sure to get it is that all our nieces and nephews have access to Nintendo Switch and we want to be able to battle and trade Pokemon with them. The added bonus is that now we'll know all their English names. We started with Grookey! And it's so cute!

Then we stopped a little early so we could watch Miraculous. We were one episode away from Origins, so we watched three episodes even though we only had time for two. We figured oh well, it's a holiday. But we still have to work tomorrow. Ha, ha, ha...

We also made sure to have our Thanksgiving favorites! Baked Ruffles, a Freschetta pizza, and this time we added Marie Callender's mini chocolate satin pies and Kinder Joy! ...I can imagine people reading that and thinking how sad our lives must be, but trust me, to us, it was delicious!

Today I'm thankful for getting our work quota done, finally getting to play Pokemon Shield, having some yummy food for Thanksgiving, happy messages and phonecalls from friends and family, and finally figuring out why Cat Noir used his Cataclysm the way he did in the second Origins episode.