November 26th, 2019


Thanksgiving crunch

Phase One of the Thanksgiving Crunch has been completed! Huzzah!! We're hoping very dearly that this was also the brain-hurtiest phase, but that's only because the odds of us working on Saint Young Men this week are...well, they're not the lowest ever, but they're not the highest ever, either.

We got an email from our managing editor this morning asking where the In/Spectre translation was. Apparently the email we sent her telling her we were behind didn't go through, because our email app is being a little flaky. Ah well.

Anyway, since today was mostly work and therefore we don't have much else to talk about, let me tell you about the very tense moment we had when we went to report our clogged sink to the management! We went to the office and told the on-site manager, and she followed all the protocol, asked what apartment we were, pulled up the file on her computer, asked our names. I told her my name was Alethea, didn't really get a response, then added Nibley. There was a longer pause. She said that name wasn't on the file.

What. We've lived here for almost six years, why wouldn't our names be on the file? I don't remember exactly how the next part went, but I think she read the names that were on the file. One of them she pronounced Tania. When we pointed out that one of us was Athena, and spelled it for good measure, she said, "Oh, that's it!" And then for my name, she was like, "Oh, Alicia! You just don't spell it like most people!" And I was like, "Right, because I'm not Alicia. I'm Alethea." And she goes, "...Well, we all spell things differently." Well, okay.

Today I'm thankful for not being mysteriously erased from our lease, finally finishing that In/Spectre translation, having time to watch Chihayafuru and Miraculous, the most brain-intensive translation being done for this week, and not having to stay up late tonight.