November 25th, 2019


All work all the time

The busyness continues. Things were not looking good at the beginning of the day today as far as meeting our minimum work quota, but we managed it! It's just tough, because we need to finish this volume of In/Spectre ASAP, and that's hopefully going to be tomorrow (but there's so much left it might take all day), then take a day to do simulpubs, then we have two days to translate a volume of Senpai Is Annoying, then we might get to take the weekend off, but we have a volume of Saint Young Men due Tuesday night and another simulpub chapter to finish before then. It's going to be a lot of work. We're really hoping we'll get to take a day off after that, but we haven't looked at our December schedule.

Anyway. I was going to continue my report of last week, but I've lost momentum and, frankly, I'm tired of it anyway. I'll just cut to the chase. Our sink was clogged. We tried all manner of things to unclog it, to no avail. We knew we would never solve it on our own when, after trying something that drained but very slowly, suddenly the sink was half full again despite our having not used the faucet or poured anything new down the drain. We broke down and told management. A maintenance guy came by and worked on it for about an hour, also to no avail. He went to check our neighbor's apartment to see if that's where the problem was, because the plumbing is connected. About fifteen minutes later, he came back to tell us it should be draining now. And those are all the important parts, and it was such a quick reporting job, but living through it was a much longer ordeal, I assure you.

And through it all, we were very distracted and stressed out because we like to have a working sink, darnit, so progress on work stalled entirely, and that's one of about a billion reasons we didn't meet our work quota last week. And now here we are today, trying to catch up. But we did have much fewer distractions today, and we think the same will hold true for tomorrow, so there is hope!

Today I'm thankful for meeting our minimum work quota today, having a working drain again, having advance warning that we'll probably need to work on Christmas Eve, our emergency Snickers bars that let us have a quick but filling snacktime, and having time to watch an episode of Miraculous and only go to bed a little bit late.