November 24th, 2019


Another day at Disneyland

Today was much more relaxing than the rest of our week has been, but not the most relaxing because of some silly drama that's going on. It's okay, though, because it's slow-moving drama for the most part, and we got to watch Klaus, which was really good, but also a little slow-moving. It made me happy, but also sad.

But anyway, Collapse )

We slept in the next morning, which may be part of why we didn't have any time to spare after work. Our whole schedule is totally shot now. We did manage to finish our quota on Thursday, but then, with almost no warning, our bathroom sink stopped draining entirely. And more on that lovely story next time.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather at Disneyland on Wednesday, the tasty peppermint soft serve, getting to go on Smugglers Run an extra time, getting to watch Klaus, and getting to try the butterbeer fudge finally (it tastes like mallow creme!).