November 22nd, 2019


Back to the Studios

This whole week has just been one long series of...I don't even know. Not getting our work done, that's for sure. It actually started off pretty well. We started translating our simulpubs, and they're fun as usual, and we felt like they weren't giving us too much trouble, and everything was going nicely...until Gaston called. Things were already looking iffy on whether or not we could finish the volume of In/Spectre we had due today (spoiler alert: we did not), and now he wants to go to Disneyland. That in and of itself might have been okay, but he specifically wanted to go to Disneyland on Tuesday, which was when we already had plans to go to Universal Studios with our family (a fact we had previously informed him of).

Well, we figured if he wanted to go to Disneyland on Tuesday, and Universal Studios closed at five, we could just meet him at Disneyland. Ha, ha, ha, I was way more opportunist than that--we suggested he could have picked us up from Universal, thus securing ourselves a ride home. He didn't want to pay $27 for parking to not go to Universal Studios, which is totally fair. But the point is, somehow we ended up spending an hour and a half on the phone, when we already knew our time would be limited, because we would be leaving that evening to stay at a hotel closer to the park.

What we didn't know is that we wouldn't be leaving for the hotel until after our usual bedtime, but our concentration was already destroyed by the setback, and we weren't really able to reset our attitudes to their previous levels of positivity. Instead, we just work work worked until our ride showed up, and still didn't finish our first draft of In/Spectre.

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And that's enough for now, because we really should get lots of sleep tonight. Today I'm thankful for getting to spend some quality time with family, getting to hang out at the Three Broomsticks, getting to see Hogwarts (Universal Studios version) again, getting to see the new Jurassic World ride, and never having to go on it again.