November 21st, 2019


My Monster Secret volume 18

This week has just been one giant explosion of things to take up our time. We should have known, when we told Gaston that we wouldn't be available to hang out with him at Disneyland on Tuesday, that he would just decide to come on Wednesday. I know we could have just said no, but... I don't even have the energy to justify myself anymore. This week has had too much.

You can read all about it starting tomorrow, though, because I missed Review Rednesday! Of course, it also turns out that the book we were going to review yesterday had been delayed. But it was delayed to this week! So hopefully you've had enough time to read it. And now here's our review of My Monster Secret 18! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Wow, I don't think I was right for about half of the predictions I make in this review. But of course I won't tell you which ones!

As for this week's releases, I'm so tired from the week and so flustered about all the constant release date changes that I would really rather not bother. But we know Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 6 is out, so we'll review that next week.

Today I'm thankful for surviving the last couple of days, the last couple of days actually being much more pleasant than my current attitude is letting on, friends who share things that bring them joy, having some fudge to look forward to, and finishing our work quota for today.