November 17th, 2019


A full day

Today has been utterly full, but it was all really good stuff. First, we had to go to church early so our friend...we'll call her Hannah...could practice her song for sacrament meeting. I like accompanying soloists, because it's fun to listen and adapt my performance to match theirs. She did a great job, too.

Then it was time for Primary, and Athena had the kids do a singing bee, where she picked a song, and they each took turns saying the next word in the lyrics, and if they got it wrong, they had to sit down. It was a lot of fun, but the best part was when she had the teachers get up and do a song, and she chose one of the kids' favorites, so whenever a teacher had to stop and think, you could hear the kids trying not to scream the answer (they didn't always succeed).

After Primary, I was walking across the church and a lady we know said, "One day done!" and I said, "Not yet--we still have choir practice!" I invited her, but she claimed she had to go in for an interview. Boo.

Choir practice itself ended up with four people. Hannah, Hannah's friend, Hannah's friend's husband, and Hannah's mom who was visiting from out of town. It was okay, though, because we have no idea what's going on with the choir for Christmas anymore. We wanted to do Angels We Have Heard on High and O Holy Night, but then we heard about the special program that's going on... Athena tracked down the organizer and asked if the choir was to be included in this program, and because one of the guys she'd pegged for a soloist said he was uncomfortable singing all by himself (but he loves singing in choir; he's our strongest tenor and we love him for it), she tracked down a choral arrangement of The First Noel for us. ...Only it was an SSA arrangement that was really more of an SA arrangement. We tried it out with our little ensemble, and it was gorgeous, but it only split into three parts for like three notes. We still haven't decided if this is going to be the arrangement the choir sings, though. Mr. Strong Tenor wasn't here this week, so we don't know if our men's section can pull it off. But we might suggest having Hannah and Hannah's friend (I haven't decided on a code name for her yet) sing a duet, because it really is a gorgeous arrangement.

After choir practice, we came home, ate lunch, studied from Come, Follow Me... This week, we're on James, which is such a great book. And so much easier to follow than Paul. Then we had a snack, and then we watched the special Face-to-Face broadcast to introduce the new program for children and youth that they kind of started now, but will officially start next year. We're kind of tempted to order some of those pendants for ourselves...

Next, we had just two episodes left of season...five? of Relative Race. It was a good season, but I'm kind of bummed out that the Day 10 challenges didn't have anything to do with any of their relatives. Oh well.

And finally, because it's the 30th anniversary of its general theatrical release, we watched The Little Mermaid! You guys, that movie is so good! Even after seeing it as many times as we have, we just feel so good after watching it. One thing I noticed is that almost right away, Ariel shows that she cares about her friends, because she helps Flounder escape the shark on multiple occasions, and puts herself at risk to do it. (Of course, she's the one who brought him there to begin with, but it was just as dangerous for her as for him.)

We also noticed a lot of story elements that remind us of Miraculous! Like how Eric is in love with the mystery girl who rescued him, so he thinks he can't love Ariel, because he doesn't know that she's the same girl! Just like how Adrien totally likes Marinette, but he thinks he doesn't because he's in love with Ladybug.

Anyway. Lots of good things today, and we almost even got to bed early! But then we got to talking online. But that was a good thing, too!

Today I'm thankful for Hannah's song going well, the kids having a lot of fun in Primary, having a good time at choir practice even with a very small turnout, getting all the details and to hear some new songs at the Face to Face, and getting to watch The Little Mermaid.