November 16th, 2019

kid flash

Too many things to do

We went in to today knowing we had Way Too Much to Do. Somehow we seem to only have about six hours of functional time on Saturday. ...I mean, obviously part of that was sleeping in, but we have to. We're learning more and more that really we just need sleep. But we don't want to go to bed earlier every night, because then we wouldn't have time for fun stuff like Miraculous.

Anyway. We were kind of resigned to spending all day Being Productive, but our cat cares for our well-being, or it's just the time of year that she wants a warm lap to snuggle on, because Athena got pinned pretty early on, and Page was being pretty reluctant to move, and Athena was enjoying sitting there since she had her DS with her, and I was happy to just sit there playing silly games on my iPad, so we took perhaps much longer than we should have to actually get started today, but it was nice.

And then we started the productivity, and we never really seemed to get anywhere with it. We did get a teeny tiny headstart with In/Spectre. It feels like it's nowhere near enough, but I suppose it's better than nothing. We also insisted on exercising with Ring Fit Adventure, partly because while Athena was playing was really my only chance to practice once last time for the song I'll be accompanying in sacrament meeting tomorrow. And by the time we were done, it was time to go to our ward's Thanksgiving dinner! Tadah!

We had a pretty good time there, talking to people and stuff. But there weren't any rolls, so we didn't get enough to eat. We'll be having some candy before we go to bed. And we have to get to church early so I can practice the song with the singer, so we better get going.

Today I'm thankful for Page helping us choose to have some downtime, having a lovely time at the ward activity, getting a teeny tiny headstart on In/Spectre, being done sending the awkward email, and getting to take the sacrament tomorrow.