November 10th, 2019


Primary Program Sunday

Today was the Primary Program! Tadah! The kids did a great job, at least with the singing. We didn't get enough practice with the microphone, so they didn't talk into it very well, and of course I don't think any of them were prepared to talk in front of so many people. I heard some of the bishopric talking before sacrament meeting, and I think they were saying something about a bus pulling into the parking lot and a whole school band or something coming out of it? My guess would be some band from Utah coming for one of Disneyland's music things that they do, but the point is, there were even more extra people than usual, so a few of the kids got extra nervous.

But the singing was amazing! The kids knew all the words (except for the one song that they somehow never managed to really get the hang of), and they sang nice and loud. Later, at the linger longer, one of the ladies from the ward said she and her friend had the Kleenex out the whole time. I agree, there's nothing quite like kids singing in earnest to make me all teary-eyed.

After sacrament meeting, we brought all the kids into the Primary room, sang some wiggle songs, and let 'em all eat cookies and watch Mr. Kreuger's Christmas. That's one that used to be shown all the time when we were kids, and while I never hated it, I never really got into it back then. As a grownup, it's one of my favorites, but I also knew the kids probably wouldn't really watch it. They didn't, but that's okay; they usually don't, even when it's a cartoon. Maybe it's the cookies. This is why Athena and I don't like eating while we watch movies--we like to only focus on one thing at a time.

While the kids were all enjoying their cookies and candy, the Primary president came along and told us that the...I don't know who's in charge of activities, but whoever it is, wants each organization to do some kind of performance for the ward Christmas party. In retrospect, we should have suggested that maybe that means the leadership of the Primary should do something, but in practice it means the Primary chorister makes sure the kids know they'll be expected to sing. We actually have a fair amount of time to prepare, though, and Athena and I have always dreamed of putting together a bell choir. So we're going to see if we can get the Activity Days girls to learn to play the obbligato part of Christmas Bells on hand bells. If it fails, we have some jingle bells the kids can shake like tambourines.

Then after that, there was a linger longer, which is when we were tracked down by the ward special music coordinator. She was called about two years ago when the ward was first organized, but she hadn't really done anything since the Easter after that, which is why the vast majority of our sacrament meetings have had a congregational hymn instead of a special musical number. But for whatever reason, she's back in business for Christmas this year. We like to think it's because she was inspired when the ward choir sounded so amazing two weeks ago. It may also be because the member of the bishopric who shot down the majority of her ideas two years ago is no longer in charge of sacrament meetings.

We don't know why, but we do know that she's just as ambitious as last time. She wants the Primary to sing three songs, and to have them walk from the back of the chapel to the front while singing the first one. We're not 100% on board with the idea, mainly because we think that sacrament meeting is not a great place to put on a spectacle, but who knows? Our concerns about trying to make it happen being something akin to herding cats may be unfounded. The kids did do a great job standing up whenever it was time to sing in the program today, after all.

I just have two questions about this program going forward. First, is she going to ask for the choir to sing, or is she just going to track down soloists and ensembles? Because we had kind of been getting ourselves excited at the prospect of having the choir sing O Holy Night. (Not only that, but after the program, when the bishop got up to give his closing remarks, he said the ward choir has some big shoes to fill, and the ward choir director (also Athena) was like, "Oh, I have been called out!") And second, what is this apparent obsession with the song "When Joseph Went to Bethlehem"? I mean, it's a nice enough song. I guess it just doesn't fit with my own personal preferences.

Anyway. Today was a good day. And we are very sleepy as always, so now it's time to go to bed early! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for the Primary kids singing nice and loud (but not louder than beautiful) during the program today, getting to hear some great Primary songs sung beautifully, getting to catch snippets of Mr. Kreuger's Christmas, getting to come home and relax, and finally getting that can of chili open.