November 5th, 2019


Just can't even

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh, tonight has been a night of, "What in the, I can't even with you right now." Like, we realized that now we can watch season two of Miraculous with French captions (we're really hoping this isn't going to be the only Miraculous update for another three months), and since there's one episode where they spend about half of it rhyming everything, we thought that would be a pretty good place to compare that to the French dialogue. (Because if you can see the words written out, it can help improve your listening comprehension!) We learned from season one that the spoken French doesn't always match the captions (in fact, they don't match the majority of the time), but we thought maybe all the rhyming would require them to stay somewhat true to the original script. Oh how wrong we were. So, so wrong.

Well, so much for helping our French listening comprehension. But our theory is that it means the voice actors are allowed to really bring their characters to the script, and that seems like a pretty good thing as far as collaborative storytelling goes, and that's what animation is, is collaborative storytelling.

Tonight was also when we had a rehearsal for the Primary program. Except for a while, we thought maybe we wouldn't be going to rehearsal, because it turns out our ride forgot all about it. We did briefly consider calling her, but by the time we finally decided to do it, she was already calling us. Our theory was that they couldn't get very far without us, so if we didn't show, somebody was bound to do something, and sure enough. ...That's kind of diva-like behavior. I apologize.

But there are more important parts to this story! Namely, while we were waiting outside for our ride to show up, who should come hopping along but an adorable little tuxedo kitten! Part of me was like, "Uh-oh, they're still breeding," but most of me was like, "KITTY!!!!!" And the kitten came from the other side of the alley, which means they're not breeding in our neck of the woods, so it's not our problem. It was a friendly little guy, too--not shy in the least. As we continued to wait, a bunch of young women came along and started calling him Boots, so now we know at least one of the groups he regularly hangs out with. But we were a little sad, because now we felt like outsiders again. Oh well.

We also had some other feline visitors with whom we hadn't yet been acquainted. We'd sort of seen them around, hopping over our fence to get to the food, but we'd never gotten a good look at them until now. One of them was a big gray one with a big round face and little teddy bear eyes. We named that one Teddy. There was another one that's harder to describe, but it was floofy. Not necessarily in the long hair sense, floofy vibe. Like, white with pale tabby spots. And a floofy vibe. We don't have a name for that one. (Incidentally, we also named "Boots" Danny, after Danny Phantom. We already had a Boots...who might be acquainted with that other group of girls, since we saw him hanging out on the other side of the alley several times.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to see some new feline faces, making it to rehearsal, the clever wordplay in Hiro Mashima's crossover manga title (Hero's), getting some nice stretching in during that really hard parachute game on Ring Fit Adventure, and having candy to help us feel better.