November 1st, 2019


A not-so-big day

Today was the big day! Our plans were to finish translating this month's UQ Holder reallyreallyfast!, and then settle down for a Miraculous marathon. We'd watch six or seven episodes, take a break for dinner and some exercise, and then watch seven or six more. And then we'd find a new dream.

Well, the day did not go according to plan. First of all, of course UQ Holder took longer than the usual three hours. I knew it would be a risk, because they just finished a big battle, and the "rest" chapters (where the characters and readers get to take a break from all the stressful action) tend to be suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper wordy. Seriously, what is the deal with Ken Akamatsu? I mean, it was a really fun chapter, but the translation script was 16 pages long! Sixteen!!! Chapters for this series have been averaging 11! That's almost a 50% increase! And it wasn't just from a sudden influx of sound effects. Sheesh.

But we persevered, and we finally finished! And I think we did a pretty good job. So we turned it in and finally got settled down to watch Miraculous...only our prediction was wrong. Netflix did not get new episodes of Miraculous today! Boo! Well, we had to be prepared for that, too, since the date was based on 100% speculation, but now we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves, especially because Page had already gotten settled on a lap. So we watched Perfect Harmony, and it was a pretty fun episode, so the afternoon wasn't a total bust.

After some Ring Fit adventuring, we regrouped and realized that we just had to do what we usually do in the evenings--watch whatever anime we have that day of the week, do some reading, and finish with another episode or two of Miraculous. So we watched Fire Force, and we finally got to see Vulcan! Woohoo! He's our favorite. We were hoping he would be played by Yuki Kaji, but that was another hope that was not realized. He is played by the same guy who narrated Kaji 100!, though.

Then we read some Rave Master and watched the Christmas special of Miraculous. That's the biggest problem with not having new episodes today--we don't know where we should get our fix from. We've already seen the whole series seven times, so if we start from the beginning, we'll be on our eighth viewing by the time the new episodes hit, and then we'll have only seen the new episodes once, and everything will be entirely out of balance. (As if they're not with seven times.) I mean, we probably wouldn't mind watching them so many times, but... I don't know, there gets to be a point where you feel like maybe you need to be more productive with your life. Anyway, the upshot is that for now, we're just picking favorites in no particular order, in the hopes that the new episodes will come very soon. That's the other problem with them not coming tonight--now we have no idea when to expect them. We could end up pining for the second half of season three for weeks! Only time will tell.

Anyway. After that we came back to the computer to read our Fire Force translations, and one of the things we were keeping an eye out for was Lisa's nickname for Vulcan. Technically, in the original, she just drops the "can," so the subtitles had her calling him "Vul," and we were like, "Val sounds so much better..." We couldn't remember what we'd done with it (Lisa's not in it that much), so we kept an eye out for it. When we found it, we discovered we had gone with Val, and we'd even written a note to the editor, because it was apparently that important to us. It went like this:

'Note: We know it's short for “Vulcan,” but “Val” makes a better nickname than “Vul.” Think of “Bob” for “Robert” or “Maggie” for “Margaret.” If we need to write a translation note, we will. Another alternative nickname: Vulk.'

Of course, it only just now occurred to us that the editor might have thought Val was too feminine and therefore switched it to Vul anyway... We know of guys named Val, though, so that would be silly. But we don't know how it ended up in the final version. If the series is available on Kindle Unlimited, we can find out... Unless somebody here already knows?

And that was our afternoon. We're still hoping for more Miraculous (always), but we're figuring out what to do with ourselves in the meantime. (Work? Reviews? What's that? (We do need to write reviews, though...))

Today I'm thankful for having plenty of time to exercise, getting UQ Holder translated, getting to see the new opening and ending sequences for Fire Force, getting to see Vulcan animated, and having some jumbo cookies to eat.