October 24th, 2019



So since Coco came out a couple of years ago, California Adventure has been doing a Coco thing for Dia de los Muertos, and they have a big procession come out and retell the story very briefly and sing some of the songs, and they have a Miguel marionette and it's all festive and stuff. They have a display of stuff related to the holiday and the movie, of course, because everything has to be branded. Anyway, whenever we end up watching the festivities with Gaston, he says we would probably actually like the movie if we gave it a chance. We would always be like, "That may or may not be so, but our extreme prejudice against Pixar is going to make it extreeeeeeemely difficult to give it a fair shake."

Nevertheless, Gaston's persistence piqued our curiosity, and with Disney+ about to come along and snatch all the Disney and Pixar movies away, we figured we better hurry if we want to satisfy that curiosity. So tonight we pulled the movie up on Netflix and we watched it. And Gaston was right about one thing: we would describe it as having stunning visuals. In fact, he said, "It has stunning visuals, but you'll like it anyway." And every time he said we'd like it, I had to wonder what made him think so...which is part of what had me so curious. As it turns out, I still don't know what makes him think we would like it...like, he doesn't ever actually pay attention to what we like in stories, so seriously, how could he know?

Well, first of all, in his mind, any movie with good music is objectively a good movie in his mind, never mind the fact that taste in music is subjective. That's not to say I didn't like the music. Michael Giacchino annoys me (because of an interview I read; it's completely biased and probably unfair), but he does write good music. I didn't love the songs, though. It's probably a good thing we didn't know that the Frozen team wrote the main song, or we would have been even more biased against it. I really liked the one that was sung during the fight over the picture; turns out that one is traditional. I really like traditional music, I'm learning.

We do like movies where we see people caring about each other, and this is one where they talk about caring about each other a lot. ...Kinda like...another movie...a lot of ice... I will say that I don't hate the characters in Coco nearly as much as I hate the ones in that other movie. Except for Miguel, who did get on my nerves, and his living family, who was entirely too uncommunicative, pretty much everybody seemed to be reasonably considerate of other people, and their decisions made sense.

Except. Whenever there was some kind of action sequence, it seemed like everybody was a deer in headlights. Something would happen, and we'd be like, "Okay, just jump over there!" "Run onto the stage!" "Pick up the stupid guitar!" ...Oh wait, the guitar wasn't an action sequence thing. It was whenever there was some urgent need for action, they would just stand around like, "I dunno what to do." It drove us nuts.

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We need to stop talking about this. I don't know why I keep ranting about these things, it doesn't do anyone any good. Maybe I just wanted to vent. The important thing is that we watched Miraculous afterward and it helped us feel much better.

Today I'm thankful for the curiosity about Coco be satiated, almost meeting our work quota, getting to watch Miraculous, having chocolate pie to also help us feel better, and getting our Wizarding World crates today.
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