October 13th, 2019


Another busy Sunday

Today turned out to be a kind of busy day, as far as Sundays go, so we didn't get to reading more Josephus until the end, and I'm starting to feel like that was a mistake. Josephus is pretty darn interesting, and we were reluctant to put it down. But we also wanted to get to bed early so we could get more sleep, so here we are.

On the other hand, we had two episodes left in the season of Relative Race that we've been watching (season four), and we were a little eager to see the finale. So that's why we chose that over Josephus. Next week, we won't have that going on, so we'll see what happens.

As for why today turned out to be busy...we had choir practice! Tadah! And the only people who showed up today were the ones we know really want to be there, so we didn't feel bad going on and on and on. And then we had a little adventure. Our star soprano wants to sing a solo in sacrament meeting next week, and I'd already agreed to accompany her. She said she would email me the music, and I said that might be a bit of an issue, because our printer is currently refusing to print anything because we're out of cyan and yellow ink. So we came up with a different plan.

Our regular ride to church was attending a different ward this week for a missionary homecoming, so we had gotten a ride from another friend who is not at all interested in being in the choir. We told her she'd be welcome if she wanted to attend, but we also said if she didn't want to, we could find another way home...and we were mostly planning to walk. But! I suggested that our soprano friend could give us a ride home, and we could stop by her place and get the music first. She was on board with that idea, so that's what we did!

So we got to go to her place and meet her two dogs (spaniels, one of them named Lady), and she's a big Harry Potter and Disney fan, so we...kind of monopolized the conversation about both of those things. When we got to her place, we saw a case for Kingdom Hearts lying around, so on the way home, we talked about that. It was a lot of fun...for us, at least. But we didn't sense any glazing of eyes, so we just kept going.

We came home and chilled out for a little bit before getting started on this week's Come, Follow Me studies. I thought it was pretty interesting in Philippians where Paul talked about how his imprisonment got more people talking about Jesus. He's all, "Some of them are talking about it in a nice, peaceful way, and some of them are talking about it in a belligerent kind of negative way, but they're all talking about Jesus, so that's the important thing." So even back then, there were people whose philosophy was "all publicity is good publicity." And in fact, I think that is true in most cases.

Today I'm thankful for people who are excited to come to choir practice, getting to have a good time talking with friends, getting to see the finale of season four of Relative Race, getting to read more Josephus, and getting to go to bed early.