October 1st, 2019


Up late again

After being so good and going to bed early last night, we ended up staying up late tonight. We blame Ken Akamatsu, even though it's not even really his fault...I think? So we don't actually blame him, but it's true that if we hadn't had a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate, we would have had a pretty easy day. We wanted to finish our first draft of Saiyuki 2 so we could get a full night of sleep (or close to one) before starting the edit, and to do that plus UQ Holder! required working up until bedtime.

...Okay, so we also took time out to call Mom (it was a short call, though, because she isn't feeling well), and to finish the episode of Studio C that we started while the water was boiling from our pasta. They just started airing their new season, and we've really been wanting to check it out since they changed the cast. And apparently this was the first episode with the new cast, even though I feel like they made the announcement a billion years ago. Anyway, we've been especially curious, because with the old Studio C, sometimes the sketches would be The Best Thing Ever, and a lot of the time they'd be like, "........." So I've been wondering if a new cast would be better.

The verdict is...undecided. There were a couple of sketches that were pretty amazing, and a couple that...I guess we were just biased against, but on further reflection were really good. ...Well, the Rapunzel one wasn't my favorite thing ever, but it didn't seem to be saying, "Ugh, stupid princesses." ...At least, not until they had a behind-the-scenes thing and talked to the actress who played Rapunzel, and she was all, "I never wanted to be a princess," like it made her cool. Then we were biased against the next sketch because she was in it and we were annoyed at her. I just want to say that it does not make you unique to think princesses are lame. Mostly, I think it means you have brothers.

Anyway. The point is. One of the behind-the-scenes things featured comments from one of the new writers...Paul Rugg. You guys. Paul Rugg is Freakazoid. He's one of the writers on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. He's one of the writers for Dave the Barbarian. He's a very funny guy, you guys. So now we have very high hopes for this season of Studio C...and after reading the credits and confirming that he's one of the writers, we'll probably have fewer biases against things. (I know, but that's how bias works.)

Anyway, after watching Studio C and calling Mom, we got back to work, and at bedtime, we finished! Woohoo! And then we watched an episode of Miraculous, and now we're up late. But if all goes well, we won't have to stay up late tomorrow. We'll see. Also, as a note to myself, I'm going to say right here that tomorrow is Review Rednesday, so don't forget!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Studio C premiere, Studio C getting a writer from Animaniacs, finishing our work quota, Page looking up at me with her adorable green eyes, and having Miraculous to help us recharge after a long day.