September 29th, 2019


Another busy Sunday

Today has been a busy day, my goodness. I mean, first there was church, as usual on Sundays. When we got there, a counselor in the bishopric handed us a card. The envelope had "The Sisters Nibleys" written in very nice lettering which he had done himself, and on the inside, there was more artistic stuff, and a note written in Japanese! It was so sweet! It said, "Dear Sisters, thank you for always providing such beautiful music. We are very grateful." This counselor in the bishopric also serves regularly in the temple, and another sister who serves regularly in the temple is Japanese, so he asked her to write the note. It was such a lovely gesture.

It was fast and testimony meeting, which means anybody from the congregation can get up and bear their testimony about the gospel. There were a lot of good testimonies, but the one that really stood out to me was from a boy in the Primary. He's a real class clown, to the point where most of the grownups have marked him as a troublemaker, even though his acting up is usually not to an unmanageable degree. Athena usually just roles with it, and sometimes he accidentally volunteers to help lead songs.

But the point is, he got up in sacrament meeting and bore his testimony for the first time today. At first, I wondered if maybe he was doing it on a dare or to be cool or something, but after he said hi, he paused for a long time, and he started crying. He said he was thankful for his trials (his mother had already spoken and mentioned that it's been a difficult year), and that he knows Heavenly Father loves him, and it was so cute and so sincere (I think). And he's the first kid in the Primary to bear his testimony outside of the "Mommy's doing it, so I want to do it, too!" context, so it just reinforces our theory that just because somebody's a class clown doesn't mean we can assume the worst of them.

After church...okay, so this Sunday, they had a special meeting for everybody age eight and up, to introduce the new Youth program. That only accounted for half of the Primary, which meant they still needed Primary leaders to watch the younger kids, so we didn't get to go to the special meeting, even though they want all the children and youth leaders to know what's going on, too. But after we got back from church, we were on Facebook, and somebody posted a link to the video from the First Presidency, so we watched it! Tadah! And the new program seems like it's going to be pretty good. I would go into more detail, but that would require a bit of fact-checking to get the specifics right, and I'm too lazy to do that right now.

Then! we had a baptism to go to! As usual, they had asked us to help with the music. The Primary Presidency was talking to us about it last week, and they were worried because the mother of the boy who got baptized had picked hymns in Spanish. And I was like, "Piano part's the same in any language," and Athena was like, "Just give me the lyrics and I can sing in Spanish," because you don't have to know what the words mean to be able to pronounce them properly. So off we went to the baptism, and the whole thing was done in Spanish! It was really cool. We had a discussion with the Primary counselor who drove us there about how it really feels like meetings in languages other than English seem more sincere somehow. Athena and I have a theory that either it's related to white people's Puritan heritage, or maybe has something to do with weird ideas about "the proper" way to do things and how that requires The Utmost Seriousness. Like how a lot of manga translators and/or editors seem to think that blander things are better. But that's a rant for another time. But the point is, everybody had such strong testimonies and they were all so happy for the little boy who got baptized, and he was so cute.

And then we came home and watched Relative Race, and now we're very sleepy and must go to bed. Today I'm thankful for all the beautiful testimonies that were shared today in English and Spanish, the beautiful thank you card we got from Brother N, the tasty cake they served after the baptism, Page putting up with our being gone most of the day, and getting to see the broadcast for the special Youth meeting.
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