September 27th, 2019


Watching a new show

The sleepies are suddenly hitting pretty hard. It's Friday, so normally we probably would have stayed up a little late to watch another episode of Miraculous, but we decided we're too sleepy.

But we did watch the pilot of the NBC show, Perfect Harmony! We saw commercials for it when we were watching Bring the Funny, and it's about a little choir, so it was super relevant to our interests. And we really liked it! I think we relate maybe a little too much with the characters who are bitter and jaded and just mean to everybody because they don't care anymore. ...Or maybe it's a kind of catharsis, because we haven't gotten to the point where we don't care anymore, so it's nice to see somebody else being mean to people.

...And that all reminds me of when we were talking about Scrubs with Celeste, and I said Dr. Cox was my hero, and she almost got offended. And maybe she was right, because Dr. Cox and the main guy in Perfect Harmony (I don't remember his name yet (Athena reminds me it's Arthur Cochran)) really are pretty mean. So now I feel a little bad for being so mean. But in the show's defense! there's a kid in the show who's just as bad to Arthur as Arthur is to everybody else. He says, "The Grinch has a dog. He's way cooler than you."

But the other thing I like about the show is that it seems like there's going to be an underlying theme about how kindness really is the way to go. And I love that kind of thing. Plus, Arthur actually knows stuff about training choirs, so we might pick up some pointers!

Anyway, it's a fun show, and I recommend checking it out!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a fun new show, getting to translate another Kingdom Hearts manga chapter today, making good progress on Sailor Moon after that, finally figuring out how to deal with Artemis's line about peace-loving Mautians, and getting to sleep in tomorrow. (We still have to work, though.)