September 24th, 2019


Can you please tell me?

What day is it again? Oh yeah, Tuesday. We watched Carole & Tuesday today! Just one episode, for something to do while we waited for the water to boil for dinner (we had pasta). It was the first episode with Yuki Kaji's character, and it was a little weird, because he only had a few lines, and his voice sounded SO different! We wouldn't have had any idea it was him if we didn't already know. I like to think we would have figured it out if he'd talked more, but we'll never know. But if we didn't already know he played that character, we would have been annoyed when we saw the credits.

Other than that, it was work as usual. We had a chapter of Edens Zero...which reminds me, the chapter we did last week should be live now! Oh my gosh, you guys, that chapter was so much fun! If you're an Edens Zero fan, you should totally catch up so you can read that chapter, because it's the best. (And just so I know, in case we stumble across this post in the future and wonder what I was talking about, it's the chapter that introduces Arsenal.)

We were hoping to get a ton of work done on Sailor Moon after that, but then something else came up, and it took more time than we thought it would. We should have known better--it always takes more time than you think it will. And so we did not quite meet our minimum Sailor Moon quota for the day, which is why it's a good thing we got a head start yesterday. So far this arc is being pretty friendly, but we know there's exposition at some point that could very easily slow us down. All we can do is keep on trucking.

But the nice thing is that we also got a phone call from Sarah, and Hermie just had her birthday party, and when Hermie found out her mom was talking to us, she started saying she wanted us for her birthday party! Awwwww! Then Sarah told us that Hagger had also asked for us to be at his birthday party! We feel so loved.

Hermie got a slumber bag that looks like a rainbow bear-cat (Athena and I were with Mom when she purchased it), and I gotta say, I'm jealous (we would have chosen less psychedelic models for ourselves, but little girls love colors, so). Sarah told us that she and Celeste were talking about it, and Hermie's cousin Petunia was in earshot, and Sarah could see the little girl's face get sadder and sadder. She wanted so badly to tell her that she would be getting one (only hers will be a [redacted]) for her birthday in a few weeks, but she held strong to maintain the surprise. The whole story made me imagine Heavenly Father, watching us get sadder and sadder as we think about the blessings we want but aren't getting yet, knowing that the right time will come and we'll be so excited when it does. It helped me have a brighter outlook (not that I was feeling especially pessimistic today).

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on Sailor Moon (considering), another fun chapter of Edens Zero, knowing that we're still cool aunts, having a lovely chat with Sarah (and with Mom later), and the Origins episodes being next on our Miraculous watch-list.