September 23rd, 2019


Another regular Monday

Not much to report on today. We finished our first draft of Sailor Moon, thankfully, and we even had time to get started on an edit! Normally we like to call it a day or move on to another project instead of going straight to the editing stage, but we have no idea how long this is going to take, and it's due a week from today! We did have a bit of a dilemma when it was getting close to dinner time, because we've been extra tired today (either because of getting up early or because the weather's been weird and the air pressure's been getting to us), but we thought maybe one more CD would be a good idea, to make as much progress as possible. Ultimately we decided it was probably better to recharge, since we were already farther along than we expected to be.

That being the case, we had a little extra time to watch more Carole & Tuesday, and the Kingdom Hearts voice actors just keep coming. Miyu Irino's character seems to be a type of character he ends up playing a lot--the shy, nerdy type who may or may not have a crush on the main girl. He's super cute, anyway.

We got caught up on Vinland Saga, too. I'm kind of bummed out that they spelled the prince's name Canute instead of Knute. We knew a Knute when we were kids, and he was a pretty stand-up guy. He was our Primary teacher when we were Valiants (age...9?), and he was a limousine driver, so one day he went around and picked up all the kids in our class and gave us a ride in his limousine. It was pretty much the best.

Other than that, it's just more Miraculous. It's still the best show ever.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Sailor Moon, getting to watch anime, it being just barely cool enough to have chocolate cookies for snacktime, Scandinavian names, and getting to watch Dark Cupid again.