September 22nd, 2019


The Masked Visitor

Sometimes, in the course of feeding stray cats, we have noticed that their water has become filthy. And we're always like, "Yo, cats, what are you doing? That's disgusting!" This morning as we left for church, we noticed the phenomenon again. But it's not like there was anything we could do about it--we were on our way to church.

So we went to church, and everything went pretty well there, even choir practice! ...We think. We kind of think maybe there was a little too much of us just saying, "Hey, we have these cool arrangements if anybody wants to sing them!" and one of the sopranos joining in trying to sing along without having seen them before. But we had a good time, anyway. And towards the end, we got a latecomer to the men's section! And he's actually excited to be in the choir! Huzzah! (This is especially important because the song we're practicing has a women's part and a men's part, and so far the men have not been able to project.)

When we came home, Athena noticed a chimney cat (meaning a cat sitting by a chimney), so she looked around to see if there were any others, because chimney cats are super adorable. There weren't, but there was a cat curled up under the eaves by the gable of the apartment across the way. Athena was like, "Oh! There's a stripey tail! It's bigger than the other cats, so it must be Papa Kitty." On closer inspection, she discovered that no, it was not Papa Kitty. Papa Kitty has stripes all over, even on his face, but this kitty had a black mask and a super pointy nose. This kitty was a raccoon.

And it was the cutest thing ever!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It was certainly one of the highlights of the day. But the shadow of the eaves made it nearly impossible to get a good picture of it, alas. At any rate, now we know why the water was filthy. And we did get a good look at its adorable little face when we first discovered it. Oh my goodness, it's so cute. And I'm thankful that it peeked out of hiding just long enough for us to see it. Soon after that, it went to sleep...and that was the cutest thing, too! AAAAAAAAAHH!!!

What I'm saying is, I kind of want a pet raccoon. But I'm pretty sure that's not legal in California. I want my own forest full of woodland creatures who will be my friends but take care of themselves.

Today I'm thankful for everybody coming to choir practice, getting to see a couple great episodes of Relative Race, being reminded of the IKEA bookbook commercial, raccoons, and getting to see one on the roof across the way.