September 20th, 2019


We did it!

Today was super exciting!! Why? Because we finished volume one of Saiyuki! Oh man, it was like Noragami level difficult. I kind of knew in the back of my brain that it would be, but I still had hope. But man, we had five pages of notes. It was intense. At least with Noragami, when we have to look up long strings of kanji, they were typed up in a font and distinctly legible. Whew.

The other exciting thing is that we got to try Pizza Hut's stuffed Cheez-its. We got an email advertising them, and we were like, "What?" Like, we were so confused by the whole thing that we couldn't stop saying what. It's such a baffling concept. But we like Pizza Hut and we like Cheez-its, so we figured why not order some and try them? And now we know, they're like giant Cheez-its, about the size of the palm of my hand, and they're stuffed with mozzarella cheese (and pepperoni, if you order them that way, which we didn't). The downside is that they didn't taste that good. We tasted the flour too strongly in the Cheez-it crust, and since it wasn't normal bread, it didn't complement the cheese as well. We don't normally feel the need to dip our pizza, but this time, we had to use the marinara sauce to get a little bit of sweetness and contrast the bitterness of the flour. So it turned out not to be the best thing, but we're glad we tried it. And we still had some hard maple candies from when Gaston and Alice went to Canada, so we had something to make our mouths happy again.

Then we got to watch this week's anime, and...there are always so many mixed feelings with the anime. This week's Fire Force was pretty good, though! We finally got to see Hinata and Hikage, and they were adorable. We haven't gone back to read our script of those scenes yet, so we're hoping we translated them good. They have some tricky dialogue.

But we had to stop watching Miraculous early because...well, we didn't have to, but we decided to, because we have to work tomorrow. We only have a little over a week before the next Sailor Moon is due, and we haven't started it! Aaaaaahhh!! And we have a chapter of Cramer next week, too! And we also have to sleep in, because we have to. And that being the case, it is...time to check out our Fire Force scripts, and then go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Saiyuki translation, having the super helpful Saiyubito fan book to help us out with the notes, getting to try stuffed Cheez-its, knowing what stuffed Cheez-its are now, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.