September 19th, 2019


Getting our butts whooped

We were thinking of just saying, "Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yar," and leaving it at that, but when I thought of pirates, I thought of the manga-stealing kind, and it made me angry and not wanting to celebrate at all. As a matter of fact, there was no talking like a pirate today, unless you count the modern-day pirates, because we were too busy working on Saiyuki. And while I'm sure pirate-speak would sound really fun coming from Saiyuki characters, none of them are actually pirates, so it's just a little out of place.

Anyway. Saiyuki is kicking our butts, so we spent most of the day working. We maybe spent a little bit of extra time on social media, but other than that, we only had time for one episode of Miraculous while dinner cooked, and one episode after work. We thought about watching the first episode of a new series, but since we don't know if we'll like a new series, we didn't want to risk it. When we're overworked, watching shows we don't like does nothing to help morale.

But the good news is, Saiyuki is still just as fun as ever! ...I mean, series wise. Translation-process wise, it's a little trying. For now, we think it's mostly because they're introducing all the characters and concepts, so we have to do extra research to decide if we want to translate things, leave them in Japanese, how we want to spell them, etc. I mean, we're mostly sticking with the spellings we're familiar with from so many years of being fans, but for example, we didn't talk about the Tenchi Kaigen sutras very much as fans, so do we want to translate them or not? Maybe we want to come up with a Sanskrit or Pali name for them. I don't know. (Probably not. Trying to make stuff up in languages you have no prior knowledge of can only lead to mistakes.) Anyway, the point is, hopefully once all the world-building is in place, we can just deal with Sanzo Ikkou's banter. (Sanzo Ikkou is another term we had to figure out how we wanted to deal with. Stay tuned to find out! ...Whenever the book gets released.)

And I'm realizing just now that today is not Friday. That is weird. So that means we don't get to sleep in tomorrow, which is all the more reason I need to stop rambling. Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous, getting to have super yummy chocolate cookies for a snack, getting to work on Saiyuki, and having hope that we'll get this in on time.