September 18th, 2019


Fired up

It is another Review-less Rednesday, I'm afraid. But you'll be happy to know we made just slightly less terrible progress on Saiyuki today than we thought we would based on the first half of the workday. Not that these things are related.

More importantly! after being all angsty and sad yesterday about Kingdom Hearts and everything, we had a major morale boost when we checked the Fire Force anime site for the latest news. They finally announced the voice of Hinata and Hikage! And of course, it's only one actress (numeralists), but we expected that, so we're not too broken up about it. The important thing is that when they announce a character's voice actor, they also post a picture of that character in full color, which means we finally got to see what colors were supposed to go on Hinata & Hikage's costumes. Remember when we made our Hika-Hina inspired outfits for Anime Expo? I may have mentioned that we had to guess what colors to use. And guess what! We got it right! Woohoo!!!

And then we had a silly idea. Because the thing is, Hinata and Hikage wear black kimonos with orange flames on them. And in the manga, the flames are white, which means they really could have been any color. But not only did they turn out to be orange like we guessed, they turned out to be exactly the shade of orange we used for our outfits. I mean, maybe not exactly exactly--I never felt like I had enough time to do that online quiz where you put all the colored boxes in the right order to make a gradient and see how good your color vision is--but it's very close, at least. And we were like, "Whoa, what a crazy coincidence! ...Unless it's not a coincidence..."

Then we got realistic, and we were like, "No, it's a fairly standard orange. Orange is a pretty typical flame color, and it's not like we mixed a particular shade--we just ordered a bottle of paint and used it." And besides, we never did get the chance to introduce ourselves to Ohkubo-sensei, and looking back, I'm pretty sure none of our Kodansha friends took a picture of us in those outfits. We did meet the president of Kodansha while wearing them, but nobody took any pictures, and besides, it's nowhere near his job to decide which color to use for these minor characters.

On the other hand. We did email pictures of all the Kodansha cosplay we spotted at the convention (well, the ones that impressed us enough to photograph) to the guy in charge of Kodansha USA. And we included at least one picture of us in our Fire Force outfits. And we have reason to believe they share those things around. It's possible that a picture of us made its way to someone whose job it would have been to help the anime team choose the colors for Hinata and Hikage. And it was long enough ago that they wouldn't have needed to choose the colors until after the pictures were sent.

So it's like one of the "supernatural" episodes of Castle. There's a logical explanation and a fanciful explanation, and they don't tell you which one is the truth. And that's where we are with these colors.

But! either way, it reminded us that, even if nobody at Disneyland cares how much we love Kingdom Hearts, there are people out there who read the manga we translate, and Fire Force even asks us to translate stuff for the Japanese release sometimes. And a word we made up was immortalized in a chapter title page! So that helped us feel much better about life, and I'm very thankful for the tender mercies involved in the timing of that. I feel like they didn't announce the new cast members at the same time last week.

Today I'm thankful for progress picking up on Saiyuki, finally getting to see Hinata and Hikage in color, having Fire Force outfits that really do match the characters that inspired them, reminders that what we do matters to somebody, and getting to watch more Miraculous.