September 11th, 2019


Another review-less Rednesday

Well, it's another Review-less Rednesday, but what are you gonna do about it? I might have reviewed a simulpub or an anime we're watching or something, but I still haven't finished talking about last week, so I think I will do that instead. I don't have the brain energy to think about opinions much. Only events.

Let's see, I finished talking about last Tuesday at Disneyland, but I still need to talk about last Wednesday! We started our day off in Star Territory again, and we were still pretty determined not to use the single rider line for Smuggler's Run...which, come to think of it, I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to know it's called Smuggler's Run. ...And Athena tells me it's called that on the park map, but on the signage, it's called Ohnaka Transport Solutions. (She also tells me that maybe it's supposed to be Smugglers Run without an apostrophe. I guess Disneyland has been eschewing those for years now. Apostrophes, I mean.) What I'm saying is, Galaxy's Edge was really trying hard for the realism.

This time, we all ended up in the same jobs, but we traded! So now Athena and I were the pilots, while Gaston and Alice were the gunners. And! we think we did better this time than any other time! I don't think this is necessarily because any of us was better suited to the jobs; it might just be that even being on the ride once gives you enough experience to help. But Gaston and Alice did both make discoveries about gunnering! Alice discovered that you don't have to mash the button--you can just hold it down. So you can just hold the button down and enjoy the ride. You'd get a terrible accuracy score, but you'd hit everything. And how do I know you'll hit everything? Because Gaston's discovery was that the guns auto-aim, so if you just get the timing right, you're golden.

Meanwhile, Athena and I struggled to make sure the ship didn't crash into anything. But our overall score was really good, so either our engineers really knew what they were doing, or we didn't do as terribly as I thought.

We moved on after that and our wanderings took us past Peter Pan's Flight, where the line was a miraculous twenty minutes (very short for that ride)! ...But we didn't take advantage, because we had a breakfast reservation at the Carnation Cafe. Gaston saw it as an option when he was making birthday reservations for the Carthay Circle, and since we'd never eaten there before, we all figured hey, why not. And so off we went to check in!

The woman who seated us had a very Germanic name, so I investigated her nametag further to see where it said she was from. It just said Anaheim, so I investigated further and sure enough, she had the little extension that indicates she speaks German. I pointed that out to Gaston, who served his mission in Germany, and immediately he started talking to her in German. ...Well, not much German. It was kind of a hybrid English-German thing he had going on. And she followed suit. She was also a very fascinating lady. She lived through World War II and spent her childhood in East Prussia, then East Germany, where her whole family went for six months with no food. Can you imagine that? It really puts things in perspective. Anyway, she said she learned a song in Russian so she could sing to the Russian soldiers and get them to give her food for her family. She was laughing the whole time she told us about it, too. She's a very happy lady. She finally gave us our menus, and pointed out the first two items to Gaston and said, "Get one of those, they're the biggest." She was a lot of fun.

It was at this breakfast that we also put into practice the principles we had discussed at the Carthay Circle yesterday. We ordered Mickey Mouse waffles, and they were cold when we got them. It was making them unpleasant to eat, so I commented, and Gaston said, "Well, get new ones!" Thankfully, he called the waitress over and did the asking himself. We felt bad about it at the time, but the warmer waffles really were better, and we made sure to leave a nice tip. ...Doesn't help the people in the kitchen, but it's all we could do.

After that, it was time to go home and get back to work. Now Gaston and Alice are on a cruise. They do a lot of traveling these days, and I admit I'm a little jealous. But on the other hand, I love Page, and I'd hate to leave her alone all the time. Besides, we have too much work to do. We had to get as much done on Saint Young Men as we could so we could travel up north to see family and not get too swamped. So tune in next time to hear about our little family reunion!

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet a neat old lady, getting to try all the different jobs on Smugglers' Run, making decent progress on work today, Marie Callender's mini pies being on sale, and hope that maybe one day we'll see a 20-minute line to Peter Pan's Flight again.