August 4th, 2019


Trying a new book

Today we decided it was time to finally try out Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (that may not be exactly how the title goes, but it's something like that). The really cool thing about it is that it's written in the first person, so the fact that the voice of Adrien Agreste reads the audiobook means he's basically playing the role of Percy Jackson. The not-so-cool thing about it is that Percy Jackson is an annoying little punk. He made a really bad first impression by starting off his narrative with, "I didn't ask to be a half-blood, okay?" But we decided to give him a chance anyway, because he's only twelve and people learn and grow. In fact, he's not entirely unlike Yukine in his annoying little punk days.

...And those are our main thoughts on the story so far. We made it through chapter five, so he just got to Camp Half-Blood and they haven't really explained anything to him yet. The writing style seems like it's kind of maybe humble-bragging the author's knowledge of Greek mythology? Like he wants to say, "Look how much I know!" without actually saying it. It's not quite as blatant as some anime and manga we've come across where there seem to be whole scenes that are just a character explaining the cool thing the author researched *coughhozukicough*. Basically it just seems to be a typical shonen manga story. We got a good deal on the first three-book set, so we're planning to at least finish the first one. At this point, we don't hate it, but we don't particularly like it, either.

We also watched more Relative Race, which triggered a memory of I-don't-know-how-long ago in which our alma mater sent us an email saying hey, we're going to do this show based on family history, fill out this survey and maybe you'll get to be on it! It asked questions like, "Do you have any family history mysteries that need solving?" Our answers were pretty boring, and watching the kinds of mysteries that get solved on the show, we can definitely see why they never contacted us again, but it's neat to know we have that connection.

Today I'm thankful for another relaxing Sunday, getting to try a new book, getting to watch more Relative Race, Story Trek going back to three-story episodes, and getting to chat with an old friend from before the ward boundaries changed.