July 20th, 2019


Here we are again

We just finished watching the Miraculous Season 2 finale for the fifth time, so we're in serious Miraculous mode right now...and we stayed up a little past our bedtime to do it, and tomorrow is the one day we have to wake up early, so I'm afraid the Sailor Moon day report will have to wait.

Oh but you guys, Miraculous is so good! We got Cecille to start watching it, even though we knew it might not be her thing, but she loves magical girl stuff, so it's not entirely not her thing, and she told us she really liked it and we believed her, and maybe I still believe her, but it's getting harder because she's been stuck in the middle of season two episode four for more than two weeks now. And that's okay, because people can like or dislike whatever they want, but the point is! we were discussing the series last night, and I said all the characters are so great, and she was all, I disagree some of them are pretty one-note. Of course that got our dander up a little, so we tried to jump to their defense by saying, "Remember this episode?" but she didn't, and so I had no frame of reference...

And the point is! I am seriously wanting to explain how all of the characters are fully fleshed out and I have no outlet for it except LiveJournal...

So I was seriously considering writing an essay about each character (or maybe just a paragraph), but not only are we up past our bedtime, but I have a low blood sugar headache that needs to be addressed. So you have all been spared! ...For now? I don't know. I'm just very tired right now, but oh I love this series so much. You can tell a lot of love went into making it, along with the skill to back it up.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the finale of Miraculous Season Two again, having a good chance of finishing all the special assignments in the Wizards Unite event before it ends on Monday, not losing our socks in the laundry, eventually realizing I needed to turn the oven on if I wanted to cook anything, and the promise of exciting developments in Miraculous Season Three (whenever we get to watch it).