July 17th, 2019


Fire Force volume 16

We're still slacking from work today, but we did get some exercise in! We went over to the park for more Wizards Unite, and while we were there we played with more of the gym equipment. They have one machine, where you sit in the seat, and you pull down on the handle bars, and it lifts the seat up! It's like a super cheap amusement park ride that you power yourself! But it's a lot of fun! ...And exhausting. I have no upper arm strength.

But now it's time for a review! Fire Force 16! Spoilers ahead!

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Oh man, what a great series. The anime just started, too, and Anime News Network had all their reviewers post their thoughts on it. Two of them were like, "It's not as intellectual as Dr. Stone..." And we were like, "Yes it is, it just doesn't rub it in your face." In Fire Force, the characters are smart (even Arthur sometimes), but they don't feel the need to point out to everyone that they're smart all the time. And it's not there in the first episode, but some of the fire powers get to be insanely scientific. I mean, thermoacoustic cooling. Come on. Even Arthur's powers and how they relate to his knightly delusions are based on science.

...Sorry, little rant there. Basically what I'm saying is I think the main character in Dr. Stone is an arrogant jerk, and I kind of hate him, but I really like all the characters in Fire Force, and I'm thankful that Fire Force is the series I get to work on.

Anyway, our month of no new releases continues, but tune in next week for a very special review of Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 5! ...Okay, so it's pretty much a normal review, but it's about Sailor Moon!

Today I'm thankful for getting to try out a fun exercise machine, getting to refill our spell energy in Wizards Unite, getting to translate another Fire Force blurb today, getting to watch Gorizilla again, and Pizza Hut giving 50% off all week.