July 14th, 2019


The Uta-Pri Concert/Movie

We had a plot to lure the stray cat outside. We knew she wouldn't come out unless she felt like we were gone, so we turned off all the lights and tried to be very quiet. We left some wet food outside for the other cats to keep them from coming in and adding to the head count. Then I heard some meowing that did not sound like our cat, and I let curiosity get the better of me. I got close to the front door so I could see which cats were outside, and as I approached, I saw little Eren Yeager coming up...from inside our living room. You were supposed to stay outside, cat! So apparently the meowing I heard was our visitor (we call her Grandma Kitty, but I feel like we need a better name for her now) protesting to Eren Yeager invading her space. Which was still under the couch. That queen will not budge. It's okay, though. We have another plan. But we have to buy some supplies before we can implement it.

In the meantime, we finished watching season two of Relative Race! (Season one isn't available on the BYUtv app.) All I can say is it's really good, you guys. If you have any access to BYUtv (I believe they have a website with full episodes of stuff), I definitely recommend checking it out!

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Today I'm thankful for getting to see a Relative Race finale, the girl who sat next to us at the Uta-Pri movie and shared her rose candies with us, getting to enjoy the fun enthusiasm of the Uta-Pri fans as we watched the animated concert, Page keeping an eye on the cat situation for us, and the lovely cool breeze blowing in from the window.