July 13th, 2019


Anime Expo 2019 report part four

Well, we got a flashlight today and discovered that the stray cat has taken up residence under our couch. At this point we figure she's going to stay there as long as she can just to spite us, so I'm thinking of the situation as kind of like a finger trap. The more we try to fight it, the longer we'll be stuck in it. So we put a litter box closer to where she is, and we'll just wait and see. We also bought some wet cat food in the hopes of luring her out, but so far that's not really working, either. She has an iron will, that one.

In the meantime, Collapse )

And that's all for now, because we need to get to bed. So, to be continued...

Today I'm thankful for having a very clear idea now of what the stray cat stowaway situation is, getting to return several Foundables on the way to the grocery store, getting to see Mamoru Miyano try to contain his excitement about standing on the same stage as M-Flo, getting pretty good seats at the panel, and getting to start season two of Miraculous again.