July 11th, 2019


Anime Expo 2019 report part three

We finished work early today, so we thought we'd have some adventures playing Wizards Unite. There's a fortress just across the street from us, with two inns and a greenhouse nearby, so we thought it would be good to have an outing and finally try doing fortress stuff. So we went out...and discovered that they're doing roadwork on the intersection! Gah! We didn't want to deal with it, so we tried going the opposite direction. I remembered seeing on my map that there's something a few blocks that way, too. We checked when we got closer, and it was another fortress! Woohoo! ...But when we got there, they were doing roadwork right outside that one, too! Gah! So now, despite our adventures, we have still never done the fortress thing in Wizards Unite.

And here we are with plenty of time, so I figure I might as well do some reporting about Anime Expo! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the Atsushi Ohkubo live drawing, getting to see the sketches up close, getting some exercise today, the manga industry still being in good health, and finishing work early today.