July 10th, 2019


Saint Young Men volume 2

We interrupt our regular programming (of Anime Expo reporting) to bring you another Review Rednesday! Don't worry--we'll get back to AX stuff tomorrow. But for now, enjoy our review of Saint Young Men volume two! Spoilers ahead!

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Oh, this series. I feel like I ought to apologize for disliking it so much. We don't want people to hate it just because we hate it--we want them to try it and see for themselves. But the fact remains that it is far from our favorite. We will still do our best to do it justice, though!

Aaaanyway. We don't have any new releases this week, but tune in next week for our review of Fire Force 16! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, getting to watch the Origins episodes of Miraculous again, being all caught up on Vinland Saga, the nice cool breezes coming through the window, and Page patiently waiting for us to finish at the computer before she inevitably demands that we let her outside again.