July 8th, 2019


Anime Expo 2019 report part one

Our schedule has been thrown off. Normally we'd be talking to Mom on the phone right now, but that fell through, which means normally we'd be watching Miraculous right now, but we already watched four episodes in anticipation of talking to Mom on the phone instead. And normally we'd just go watch some more anyway, but our leftover fatigue from AX made it harder to enjoy Miraculous, so we're a little reluctant to jump back into it when we're not much less tired. So! we figured we ought to get started on our AX report! (Maybe this should have been a higher priority...)

Collapse )

And that's all for today! The report will continue tomorrow. (This will also give me time to review and remember what we did next...)

Today I'm thankful for our shiny new Sailor Moon smartphone cases, the cool displays they had at the Kodansha booth, the pretty Sailor Moon cameo gachas we got, getting to learn some neat stuff about audio engineering, and not having an extra cat in our apartment all weekend.