July 3rd, 2019


Hatsu*Haru volume 7

Oh man, what a day. We were eating breakfast this morning and discovered that one of the stray cats had sneaked into our apartment last night. We left the door open while we went about our business so she could get outside without our being in the way, but an hour or two later, she showed absolutely no interest in moving. We think she might be sick, but she wasn't asking for help like Little Boy Cat did all those weeks ago--in fact, any time we got close, she would start hissing and back away. We would have loved to let her stay and take it easy today, but we're leaving for Anime Expo, and we didn't want to end up with her here all weekend. So we tried all manner of things to get her out, many of which made us feel very cruel, but she was persistent. We had an epic chase through our living room that involved her jumping up chimneys, jumping on the window screen...never anywhere closer to the door, though, unfortunately. Finally we called a friend from church who bought some wet cat food...I'm starting to wonder if we should keep some on hand.

But after I got off the phone, we went to check on the cat and she was gone. We must have scared her out with all our persistence. We'll be leaving the wet food out later as a reward for putting up with us, but I'm worried that if she was sick, all that stress would take a pretty big toll. At this point, all we can do is pray that she'll be okay. (I did consider that maybe she could stick around and keep Page company while we were at the convention, but since Page seemed to be staying far away from the living room as long as she was around, this didn't seem like an ideal situation, either.)

And now that she's left, we're finally ready for Anime Expo...I think. At any rate, first we have to post a review, because it's Review Rednesday! And this week it's Hatsu*Haru 7! (Apparently our last bout of kitty emergencies happened when we posted our review of volume six. Hm.) Spoilers ahead!

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Awww, what a great series. We're really hoping the Hatsu*Haru review/cat emergency doesn't become a trend.

...Our schedule right now indicates that we don't have any new releases for all of July. We're not sure if that's accurate, but we don't have a whole lot of time to look into it. They did release digital editions of the first four Sailor Moon Eternal Edition volumes, though! And anyway, tune in next week for our review of Saint Young Men 2!

Today I'm thankful for having a friend who could go buy cat food on a moment's notice, getting to read a lovely review of Hatsu*Haru, being just about ready to go to Anime Expo, all non-resident felines being vacated from the apartment (we hope), and the lovely mild weather we're having today.