July 2nd, 2019


It's almost upon us

Well, we leave for Anime Expo tomorrow. It doesn't really feel real. But all of our outfits are ready to go! Or as ready as they're going to be, anyway. Athena did a great job on the sleeves for our Hinata and Hikage tops. Another set of (sort-of) costumes that very few people will recognize, but if certain people there do, it will all be worth it.

We're also all caught up on writing reviews for the first time in probably months. And since we're not in the middle of a translation, it will be a little while before we start falling behind again. We got a package today containing new manga to be translated, so it's looking like our July schedule isn't going to be quite as empty as we thought it would be, but that might be a good thing, since we still need to earn money. And speaking of work, it's looking like Edens Zero isn't going to hit until we're already at the convention. Hopefully it won't pull us away from all the action for too long.

...And I think that's all I had to say. We're pretty excited! And I better type a reminder to myself right now to post a review before we head out tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for our (sort-of) costumes being finished, the table being all clean, having time to watch Miraculous, knowing not to wait up for Edens Zero before heading out tomorrow, and getting to go to Anime Expo!