July 1st, 2019


Taking the day off

Two days before Anime Expo, and we don't have any work to do! ...I mean, there's always a deadline, but our next one can wait until after the convention. ...And there should be a chapter of Edens Zero at some point. But anyway, our plan was to take it easy. We may not be succeeding very well, though.

Our plans to sleep in this morning were thwarted by a text-storm that came at seven in the morning. You could say it's our fault because our phones weren't silenced, but we almost never get any texts or calls, so how we were supposed to know somebody was going to start sending a billion texts at seven in the flippin' morning? I silenced my phone pretty soon after they started, but the damage was done. We were too far awake by then.

But that's okay, because it gave us more time to work on the Hinata and Hikage half-costumes. My job was to sew some ribbon together to make belts that resemble their obis. It was a lot quicker than Athena's job, which was (and still is) to paint flames on the sleeves. They're turning out pretty good so far, but the painting process is taking a fair amount of time. We would divide and conquer, but our failure to do housework has resulted in a lack of work space. So after I finished the obis, I made it my job to clear off the table...which is going at about the pace I expected, which is to say, unreasonably slowly. But it's better than my other fear, which is that it would not go anywhere at all. So progress is being made, and that's exciting.

But we're still making it a policy not to push ourselves, and so once we finished dinner, we started up our Miraculous marathon again. We're still just really excited to watch it, even though it's our fifth time through. ...We really should do something else, too, though. Hmmm.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch plenty of Miraculous, making progress on our Hinata and Hikage sort-of costumes, Page not being upset that we moved her cat bed, having a slightly cleaner table, and getting to sleep in tomorrow (we'll remember to silence our phones).