June 24th, 2019


Stuck in a rut?

Aaaand we're back to the same routine of just work and Miraculous. We didn't mean for it to be just work and Miraculous. We tried to call Mom, but she's traveling, so I guess her phone was out of range, or maybe the time difference was an issue... I don't know, but the upshot of it is that we watched way more Miraculous today than we originally planned. But alas, we did not get to the Glaciator episode.... That's okay, though, because Despair Bear and Dark Owl and all the others are great, too.

We also ordered some things for our Anime Expo wardrobe. I think our Hinata and Hikage outfits are going to turn out pretty awesome. And we found some cute skirts for Cyprine and Ptilol! ...Forgot to order tights, though. We'll need to get on that.

But the best part is! we finished volume eight of Sailor Moon! Tadah! Our editor gave us one deadline to finish the first half, and another deadline two...or three? weeks later for the second half. But we finished it all by the first deadline! Woohoo!!! All thanks to the Dream Arc being kind in the exposition department. Those Entrance Exam Wars stories nearly did us in, though.

Now we just have a volume of Hatsu*Haru and who even knows how many simulpubs before Anime Expo! And I think we even have time to finish them all! This is getting exciting.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another volume of Sailor Moon, our Anime Expo outfits coming together, getting to watch some great episodes of Miraculous, also having enough time to write two reviews (now we're only two behind!), and Page not being hurt from whatever caused that alarming noise a minute ago.