June 21st, 2019


Potential excitement

Today was full of potential eventfulness that we did not unlock because we just wanted to watch more Miraculous. I know. I'm sorry. But we did show some self-control. We only watched two episodes, even though The Puppeteer is up next!

Oh yeah, that's the other thing. We only had time for two episodes because we thought it was more important to get more work done. But I'm excited about it, because if all goes well on Monday, our schedule should be fairly easy all the way up until Anime Expo! After Anime Expo, I kind of get the feeling it's going to explode again, but on the bright side, we won't be crunched before the convention unless a rush job comes up. Did I jinx it by saying that? Did I un-jinx it by asking that question? Only time will tell! ...Come to think of it, the odds are greater than zero that Gaston will want to go to California Adventure next week...

Anyway. The potential events...well, really there's just the one. We got our Stitch Fix today! A whole five days early! And we have no idea if the stylist who put our fix together was able to find clothes that matched our request, or if s/he even tried! I'm super curious to find out, but obviously not curious enough to find out today.

But the extra exciting thing is that we alsogot our package from Old Navy! And our package from Uniqlo! And those two packages together represent the base of our Fire Force Hinata&Hikage bounding. We found a wrap top that was roughly the right color (I mean, it's black) and design, so we ordered two, but they're semi-sheer and we don't want that, so we ordered some Airism t-shirts from Uniqlo to wear under them. Then we're going to order some light blue ribbon and iron-on flame patches to make the tops match their kimonos more! ...But we didn't open those packages, either, so we don't know how many flame patches we're going to need to go around the edges of the sleeves, or if they'll even look good on us. But we intend to find out over the weekend! This is so exciting!

Today I'm thankful for being that much closer to finishing the translation we're working on, getting all our bounding packages today (although, of course, depending on what's in the Stitch Fix package, we may end up not doing much bounding after all (we're optimistic but practical)), having our laundry done, getting to try ginger & lemon grass Triscuits (the flavor was too strong and too earthy, but at least now we know), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.