June 16th, 2019


Through the ages

It's been a nice, laid back Sunday. We're even getting better at making pancakes so that process doesn't take so much out of us. We called Dad for Father's Day and during the conversation, we mentioned Story Trek, and he said he likes that one and also American Ride. Basically it's this biker dude (according to Dad, he used to play NFL and then went on to teach high school history) who rides around the country on his motorcycle and teaches history. We decided to check out the first episode, and we liked it pretty well, but there was soooooo much information that we needed to switch back to Story Trek or my brain would have been too tired.

We also opened up our new Wizarding World crates! This time the theme was Quidditch through the Ages, and normally I would have been like, "Great, sports," in a sarcastic tone of voice, but I kept an open mind about it, and I really liked everything in it! There was the t-shirt as usual (this time with the Ravenclaw mascot in a kind of sports-shirt sort of vibe, and the number 07 for some reason), and for the pin they interrupted their magical creatures series to present their first ever house-specific pin--which was only house-specific in that it came in a different color for whatever house you're in. It was really cute, though: a shield with the Quidditch hoops and some other stuff to represent Quidditch, and it said "Quidditch Captain." And the ones we got were blue, because we're in Ravenclaw.

We also got a Hogwarts varsity patch, which kind of makes me want to get a varsity style jacket to put the patch on, and then I can say I lettered in something super nerdy. And there was a super fancy pennant keychain that also had a little Snitch on it, and I love it and I'm going to attach my keys to it sometime when I'm not too distracted. And finally, there was a little keepsake holder in the shape of a Snitch, which was also pretty neat. I'm trying to decide what keepsake to put in it... Hmmm...

And now it's time to go to bed, which is nice but also super intimidating because tomorrow we start a Sailor Moon edit. Dun dun DUN! It's exciting in a good way and a Bambi way. But I have faith that we can do a good job on it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a good talk with Dad, getting to find out about a fun way to learn some history, getting to open our new Wizarding World crates, having some neat new Harry Potter stuff, and the yummy pancakes we had for dinner.