June 10th, 2019


Vacation over

Our three-day weekend is coming to a close, and I kind of miss it, but I think that's mostly because it got extra hot today, which on the one hand means it's especially good we didn't work, but on the other hand it means the thought of doing anything in the near future makes me tired. It's going to be hot tomorrow, too, but less hot, thankfully, because tomorrow is an ideal day for California Adventure office, and we want to make sure to do that before we burrow into Sailor Moon Mountain. They manged to rope us in by starting a new show (Lion King themed), which we're not quite as interested in as Soarin' Over California. Its replacement, Soarin' Around the World, is something we've been pointing to for months as an example of how Disney doesn't really know what it's doing anymore, but for a limited time only (since the ride is basically a projector show, so they can easily switch it out) they're bringing Soarin' Over California back, and we don't want to miss it!

We are well aware that this is a ploy to lure in annual passholders while they're blocked out of Disneyland (in an attempt to mitigate crowds during the opening weeks of Star Wars Land), but what can I say? It worked. The really good news about it, though, is that when we read the news at the official Disney Parks blog, there were already almost 50 comments saying, "Can we keep Soarin' Over California forever, please?" This tells us that the crowds are somewhat discerning, and this fact pleases us.

But this was about our day off. We mostly just spent it chilling out and watching TV. We did some exploring in Kingdom Hearts, we spent a little extra time on mobile games, oh and we wrote two manga reviews! Now we're only four reviews behind! I think what makes me really sad about it is that we only got to watch two episodes of Miraculous, but that's okay, because that just means we have more to watch tomorrow night (we're close to the end of Season 2 again). And we spent a good amount of time talking to Mom on the phone!

We also watched the second episode of She-Ra, and the characters started to get less annoying, but we're still not sure if it's less annoying enough to keep going with it when we could watch Miraculous instead. (Funny story, though! We turned on She-Ra and it started playing with the French audio. Oddly enough, Miraculous always automatically reverts to English, but because we keep changing it to French, the default on all our other Netflix shows is French.) And at first the characters started getting way more annoying, and then at the end, everything happened so fast, we couldn't tell if people were making decisions because they made sense for the characters or because it's what the storytellers needed them to do.

But what bugs me the most about it is that we got the Adora-->She-Ra transformation sequence and it was just arrrrrrrgh. We noticed from all the promotional art that She-Ra's figure was very masculine, and since it's clear that the show is being very body-positive, that in and of itself wasn't a bad thing. But Adora's figure is much more typical of an athletic teenage girl--as in, you can tell from her shape that she's female. When she transforms into She-Ra, it shows her body grow taller and change into a more manly shape. If she started out with a masculine body, no problem. But the way they do it, it kind of comes across as Adora needing to transform into a man in order to access her powers, and I'm pretty sure that's not a good message to be sending girls.

So we watched Miraculous and that made us feel better. And now we need to go to bed, because we need to get back to work tomorrow!

Today I'm thankful for having a mostly relaxing day off, having a lovely conversation with Mom on the phone, getting to play some video games, the cool evening air, and getting to watch cartoons.