June 8th, 2019


Princess of power

Day one of our three-day weekend has gone pretty well. It was a typical Saturday, but I think just knowing that we don't have to get right back to work after Sunday has helped morale a fair amount.

Of course, we spent our evening watching Miraculous, but we also figured maybe we should watch something else for a second. And to accompany our ongoing Miraculous viewing, Netflix is constantly showing us ads for the new She-Ra (or at least, they were until they started showing us Malibu Rescue ads instead), and we remembered liking She-Ra way back when we were about four, so we decided to check it out.

In all honesty, I'm not crazy about the character designs, but with a good enough story, I can get over that stuff (for example, Ladybug's costume really is a little weird). (On the other hand, we've refused to watch the new Ducktales because we hate the character designs, but it's more because we hate that Disney has been changing the designs on all their classic characters (Goofy was hit the hardest, poor guy), and we don't want to support that nonsense.) But the verdict is...the characters are all kind of annoying so far...I mean, Bow didn't have as annoying a personality, but the way he delivered his lines still bugged me.

Maybe that gets better in later episodes, but so far we don't like any of the characters enough to spend that much time with them. They're all the "I'm smarter than everybody else" type that always drives us up the wall. Even Angella was making ridiculous decisions by saying, "Hey, Glimmer, I'm going to call you in to to lecture you in front of my entire royal guard, knowing that you're a rebellious teenager and are likely to throw a fit, but I'm still going to be super embarrassed when you do just that and get even more mad at you for when the inevitable happens." It didn't make any sense. It's a shame, though, because the premise is still pretty interesting. The first episode was part of a two-parter, so we'll probably at least watch the second part someday, but we had more important things to do tonight--namely, watch Miraculous.

Today I'm thankful for Kinder Joy family packs being on sale, having freshly swept floors, getting a new super cute plushie in our Yume Twins box, being slightly more informed about She-Ra, and the beautiful weather we had today.