June 5th, 2019


Love in Focus volume 2

We tried to take it easy today, because we still weren't at 100%, but I think we're still on track to finish this translation on time. It got to be extra exciting, because here we are working on In/Spectre when we find out that they are going to have the premiere of the anime at Anime Expo! WOOHOO!! And! they're going to have the voice actor for Kuro there, too! AAAAAHHH! I mean, we were excited enough that he's coming to Anime Expo at all, but now we know he'll be promoting something we're already working on! We're hoping this means we'll have a greater chance of at least getting to say hi.

But enough excitement about that! It's Review Rednesday! And we have a review of Love in Focus volume two to post! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Aww, I do really like this series. (...and I also really like that the writing style of this review seemed to be influenced by Miraculous despite the fact that it was written at a time when we had forgotten our Miraculous love.)

And we thought there was going to be a new release this week, but! it turns out it won't be until next week, which means there will be two releases next week! (I don't mean to spoil anything but their initials are Missions of Love and Noragami♥♥♥ (oh my gosh, that volume of Noragami is SO GOOD!)) And we did have a new release last week, so tune in next week for our review of My Monster Secret 16!

Today I'm thankful for the In/Spectre premiere coming to Anime Expo, reminders of how cute Love in Focus is, getting to take it easy today, making decent progress on work anyway, and getting to watch the Fright(n)ingale episode of Miraculous again.