June 4th, 2019


It's wearing us down...

I got my first phone call on my new phone today! I mean, technically my first phone call was Athena calling on her new phone so we could make sure we knew how they work. But I got my second phone call, too! And it was a political survey! Woohoo! Apparently I was the first person all day who actually let that guy ask the questions, so I felt a little good about it, even though it reminded me how woefully uninformed I am about what's going on around me. Eh heh heh...

More importantly(?), the effects of all our gallivanting are finally catching up to us, to the point where we're really feeling like a day off needs to be had or somebody might pass out. We're not sure we can legitimately fit one in, however, until next week. We think it will be okay to take a day off next week, but this week we have a volume of In/Spectre due on Friday, and In/Spectre is super hard. We started the first draft yesterday, and we're a little bit worried about how much time it's going to take to polish it up.

Fortunately, we made it more than halfway through the first draft yesterday, which meant we were able to finish it today and write a review (we have a backlog that is now only five reviews long), all before snack time. Napping might have been the smart option, but instead, because we still hate the idea of napping, we decided that if we watched Miraculous early, we'd be satisfied in time to also go to bed early. And now that's what we're going to do--go to bed. And hopefully the extra sleep will give us enough energy to get a decent amount of work done tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for being reasonably confident I know how my phone works, finishing our work quota, slowly making our way through our to-review list, getting to watch more Miraculous, and more specifically, getting to see the Glaciator and Gorizilla episodes again.