June 3rd, 2019



You are looking at the proud owner of a new smartphone! Tadah! I mean, I guess you're not looking at her, because it's not like I posted a picture or anything, and I'm not that proud of it, but I am a little excited. Actually when we first ordered them, I was super excited, and then later I was like, "But what would I do with it that I can't already do with my iPad?" Actually, I think there are a few things, but the most important thing is that it's super shiny!

But one of the few things I can do with my phone that I can't do with my iPad is get email when I'm out and about. It's set up right now to alert me when important emails come along, so we were watching Miraculous and I got the text message noise, only it was an email! And it was from Anime Expo! We finally got the followup instructions for industry registration, and as soon as we came back to the computer, we finished registering and now we are finally officially going to Anime Expo!! I have a feeling some pretty cool stuff is going to happen this year, so I'm really excited right now.

Today I'm thankful for having my new phone set up, getting all my contacts transferred without too much trouble (especially after we tried calling the guy who helped us order the phones and were told the number with his extension was out of service...I'm a little suspicious about that, but we did really get phones that really do work with Verizon...), having plenty of time to watch Miraculous, getting past our work quota today, and finally being fully registered for Anime Expo!