June 2nd, 2019


New developments

We have some cornbread in the oven and we already watched four episodes of The Story Trek today, so we figured we might as well update (or start updating) LJ and help ourselves get to bed a little earlier tonight maybe. (We've been having a hard time getting to bed on time because we like talking about Miraculous too much.)

So we still had the final leg of our journey to report on. On Tuesday morning, we went out and got some donuts for breakfast, which sounds pretty tasty right now, but at the time we were like, "Haven't we had enough grease already?" Nevertheless, I can't resist the idea of the ideal donut, so off we went. And I made the mistake of eating an old-fashioned maple donut first, which was super sweet and a little extra greasy. It tasted good, but it was too intense. Not that I want to sound ungrateful, because we really did appreciate the donuts. We wish our own frailties didn't prevent us from enjoying them better.

After that we had some adventuring with Mom, and then it was time to go to the train station. We hugged Mom goodbye, and had a pretty uneventful (thankfully) ride home. Probably the biggest event is that we finished our first draft of a simulpub while we were on the train, and that was nice because it turned out we needed the head start. (Mostly because we were way more tired than we realized.) When we got home, we had sort of intended to work, but it took us a while to get re-settled, so we just watched Miraculous instead.

Most of the really exciting stuff happened the next day, although at first we were a little annoyed about it, because we were just trying to get our work done. I'm going to tell them out of order, though. The second thing that happened is that we had to go grocery shopping, because we usually buy food on Saturdays, but we weren't home last week. While we were there, we started chatting with the flower lady, as we usually do, and I noticed that they still had something we'd been eyeing for a while--little succulents dressed up as jellyfish. I guess it's some variety that works as a hanging plant that doesn't need soil, so somebody took a sea urchin shell and put it over the base of the plant, hung it upside-down, and voila! jellyfish succulent! (They come on a metal stand that's attached to a lava rock.)

So I saw that they were still selling them, and I said, "Oh, you still have them!" And the flower lady said yes, and they had one where the shell broke off and if we wanted it, she'd sell it to us for just two dollars. Otherwise, it was going in the trash. Well, we'd been wanting to try our hand at succulent raising, and we figured we couldn't be much worse than a trashcan, so we bought it! And without the shell, it's more of an octopus succulent than a jellyfish, but it's still super cute! And it looks like it's still alive so far.

The other thing that happened, which happened first but will probably have a greater impact on how we do things, is that Verizon called. They're phasing out all 3G service, and our phones are 3G, so we have to upgrade. But because it's their fault, they waved a couple of the fees involved, and since I had the guy on the phone right there, we were able to ask for the cheapest smartphones they had. He actually gave me the option of switching to a 4G non-smart phone, but as I mentioned previously, we've been wanting to get smartphones for various reasons. The point is, I ended up not getting a smartphone when we were visiting family, and instead, Athena and I both got smartphones for a pretty good price (only about $150 each, more than free, but now we both have shiny new ones). They arrived on Friday, but we haven't had time to call Verizon back and figure out how to transfer everything from our old phones, since the old phones aren't smartphones and we can't just get it all from The Cloud.

But anyway, that's exciting. And now our cornbread is out of the oven, so we had better extract ourselves from the Facebook chat we're having about Willaddin and feed ourselves.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve's hospitality, making it home safely, having our own little octopus plant, having our very own smartphones, and singing time going fairly well today.