May 29th, 2019


Forbidden Scrollery volume 7

We actually got back from our Memorial Day trip yesterday, but since we spent most of the day in transit, I figured it was okay to say it was still a vacation day and also take a break from LiveJournal. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't the best idea, because I remembered earlier today that we still have some reporting to do in regard to our last day at Disneyland with Farley... Well, it just means I won't be hurting for material over the next few days.

But today is Review Rednesday, so first! we have a review of Forbidden Scrollery 7! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Ha, ha, ha. There you have it, the end of Forbidden Scrollery. We hope you all liked it!

And we have good news! Kodansha USA updated their release schedule, and it looks like we won't be running out of reviews to post after all! But the most recent release is My Monster Secret 16, which came out yesterday! And tune in next week for our review of Love in Focus 2!

Today I'm thankful for mostly getting our work quota done today, having time for two episodes of Miraculous, the yummy pizza we ordered, finally having our very own little houseplant, and having at least one new release every week for the next month or so.