May 20th, 2019


We've hit a snag

Thanks to our friend Cecille informing us that her AX badge has been mailed to her, we thought to check on our own registration status, and it looks like we never actually completed the process. We filled out the first form for them to review and make sure we legitimately work for the industry, but they never sent us the instructions to complete the process. After we applied, we got an automatic email saying our applications would be reviewed in two to three weeks. Four weeks later, we got an email telling us that industry registration was open, and after that, nothing. We've been busy, so we forgot all about it.

Now here we are, three months later, with no registration for Anime Expo, and we are Not Happy. So we applied again, and now we're waiting. I'm guessing what happened is that they reviewed our applications and sent the wrong email. Either that, or something went wrong with all the industry applications before they sent that email, and they just sent the email in the hopes that people would assume it meant they had to apply again. We're rather grumpy about the whole thing, especially because the price has gone up since we first applied. We also suspect that our lack of registration had something to do with our panel being wait-listed, but as far as that's concerned, I feel like the panel just wasn't meant to be.

On the bright side, we had some extra time after talking to Mom on the phone tonight, so we got to watch two more episodes of Miraculous! Would it have been smarter to work instead? Maybe. But the series we're working on pulls our morale down so far that I think maybe Miraculous was the better choice. Alternatively, I guess we could have worked on Sailor Moon instead, since that's one of the things we'll ideally finish this week... We didn't think of that until just now, probably because we didn't meet our quota on the other thing. Eh heh heh. I'm optimistic about tomorrow. And we got to watch the Lady Wifi episode, which has some of our favorite scenes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Miraculous, alllllmost meeting our work quota, Page still hanging out with us even though we gave her a flea treatment, the super delicious maple candies Gaston and Alice brought us from Canada, and catching the fact that we're apparently not actually registered for Anime Expo before the deadline.