May 19th, 2019


Too sleepy

We're too sleepy to go on. We shouldn't have stayed up as late as we did, but we thought just one episode of a show on how to do family history work would be okay, and then I had Page on my lap, so we ended up watching two. I'm not sure how helpful this show is going to end up being as far as us doing family history, but we're going to keep trying. Just not tonight, because we're too sleepy.

The big news, though, is that Mamoru Miyano is coming to Anime Expo! We are extremely excited about this, but not really capable of expressing that excitement right now because we are so darn sleepy. We're also a little overwhelmed by the work we have to do this week, which is simultaneously why we need to get to sleep ASAP and why we'd really rather not. Right now I'm just telling myself that we'll feel much better once the work is done, so the sooner the better.

Today I'm thankful for a show that might help us figure out how to do some family history work, finally baking those lemon cookies we bought dough for weeks ago, the very real prospect of getting a little extra sleep tonight, Page hanging out with us, and oh my goodness Mamoru Miyano is coming to Anime Expo!