May 15th, 2019

kid flash

Fire Force 15

I was sitting here thinking I was probably going to write yet another entry about how we're super busy, and it seemed like we might get over this hill except that we're just missing a deadline, but then we were reminded of a project that never went away, etc. But then I remembered it was Wednesday! So have a review of Fire Force 15 instead! Spoilers ahead!

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Aww, what a great series. I hope people are enjoying it!

Now the exciting thing is that this week's new releases include just one book, but! it's Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 4! Tadah! Our review is sure to have all kinds of rambling about the Japanese language and stuff! You won't want to miss it! So tune in next week!

Today I'm thankful for making almost good progress on work today, getting to post a review, the series that's taking up most of our life being one that we really really like, our meeting being canceled so we had that much more time to catch up on work, and our editor emailing to let us know it's not a big deal if we're late. Eh heh...heh...