May 8th, 2019


Hatsu*Haru volume 6 and kitty emergencies

We were just getting ready to sit down to lunch when we opened the door to let Page outside, and in walked Little Boy Cat. He clearly hadn't eaten anything in a very long time and he was meowing like he knew we could help him. We tried feeding him a few different things, but he wouldn't take anything. He'd try, but then he'd give up quickly. Finally we gave him one of Page's fancy bisque treats, since it requires no chewing, and then we gave him the one Page wouldn't eat because we guess this incident has her too stressed out. He refused to leave, though, so now he's chilling out in our living room while we wait for our friend from church to come give us all a ride to the animal shelter.

In the meantime, our productivity for the day has been utterly shot, so...

And right before that ellipsis is when our ride called and we left for the shelter. Turns out it was a very nice place with very nice people, and when we took Little Boy Cat to the stray drop-off area, one of the people there seemed to be a veterinarian or at least knew something about it, because when he pulled Little Boy Cat out of the carrier, he was like, "Yeah, I can smell an infection." We smelled it, too, but since we're not as knowledgeable, we just thought it was the smell of malnourishment. Anyway, they said they'd give him all the care he needs, and he's in their hands now. Also, thanks to the veterinarian(?) guy, we found out that his markings are called "lilac point," which would be useless now that we've giving him to the shelter, except that his half-sibling Eren Yeager has the same style of markings.

But I promised a review today! And it's Hatsu*Haru 6! What a great series to review on a sort of stressful day like this! (Though in all honesty, we decided that after a day like today, we might as well just spend the evening re-watching Miraculous, so we've already done a lot of de-stressing.) And here it is! Spoilers ahead!

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Awwwww, what a cute series. Those kids are so adorable. And it looks like we have another week of no new releases, but tune in next week for our review of Fire Force 15!

Today I'm thankful for friendly cat shelters, our friend being available and willing to drive us down there, Page being a good sport through everything, fun reminders of Hatsu*Haru, and getting to re-watch Miraculous.