May 6th, 2019


Ladybugs and stray stories and princesses, oh my

It is a cruel world that makes us stop watching Miraculous so we can, like, sleep and stuff. We didn't have time to finish Season 2 tonight, so we just rewatched a couple of episodes, and we still can't put it down. We also discovered that we can watch the French dub of Seven Deadly Sins, so we checked out the first episode...and we're not sure we think Cat Noir is quite the best for Meliodas, but A)it was the first episode so maybe he hadn't quite settled into the character yet, and B)nobody can beat Yuki Kaji.

But speaking of Yuki Kaji! Noragami! lyschan got us the best birthday present...which I'm not sure if I mentioned here, so if I did, sorry for the repetition. She got us the best birthday present! See, we were so busy and distracted when volume 20 of Noragami came out that by the time we went to order it, everywhere was sold out of the limited edition that came with a Stray Stories booklet! At first we weren't super worried about it, but when we emailed our editor to ask if there were plans to translate that booklet, she said, "I hope so!" which means we couldn't count on work to get us a copy of that booklet, which means there are Stray Stories out there that we might never get to read! Woe and despair!

But! lys managed to track down a vendor on Amazon Japan that not only still had copies, but was also willing to ship overseas. And the package arrived today!!! And we're very happy about it, but we have a nasty habit of getting packages, being like, "Yay! We'll get to that eventually!" and then setting it aside. I think we'd be more eager to open it if we hadn't just come off of a few weeks of intense exhaustingness, and then been utterly distracted by Miraculous. But if work keeps being kind to us, we should be able to get to it pretty soon.

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And that wasn't a lot, but we're up late, so that's all for now. Today I'm thankful for making decent progress at work today, getting to re-watch some Miraculous, getting to check out the French dub of Seven Deadly Sins, adorable princess encounters, and lys getting us the best birthday present!!