April 27th, 2019


We have triumphed!

Well, I mean, we've sort of triumphed. We're a day late, but we got all our work done, so now we can go to Disneyland with no worries. Oh, but it was such a journey getting there. We had so much left to do on that edit, we felt like it was going to take hours, and we didn't have hours because we had to catch up on sleep this morning (especially after having so little non-brain time during the week), and we had to do laundry and we had to go to the grocery store, and oh my goodness! There was a puppy!

It was actually the super cutest thing. There was this little puppy just wandering around unattended, and it was so adorable, and we looked at it and said to ourselves we hoped it was near its house, and we kept walking. And it walked with us. And we were like, "Gosh, little guy, you're super cute, but you need to go home." He kept following us. Across the street, and across the next street. He had a collar and tags, so at this point I figured I ought to check to see if any of those tags gave an address for the little guy. They did not, but at least now I knew he definitely wasn't rabid. The only phone number was for the Banfield pet hospital where he got his shots, but it didn't matter, because I had left my phone at home.

Well, the last thing we needed was another chore to add to our to-do list, but we didn't want the little guy to be sad and lonely, so we decided to let him follow us home, and we'd call Banfield to see if they could get us in touch with the owners. We had one extra busy street to cross before we made it, when who should walk up but a guy carrying a bunch of fast food. This guy was also not the dog's owner, but the dog didn't care. I don't know if it was the food or what, but the puppy latched on to him. He called out, "He's coming with me now!" in a, "Ha ha, you're dog's cute--I'm gonna take him if you don't stop me!" sort of way, and we responded with, "He's not our dog!" So we explained the situation, and the guy said he'd see what he could do. And the dog followed him into his house and hopefully made it home and not into some dog-fighting ring or something (he wouldn't do very well; he was a little dog). And we prayed inwardly for the dog's happiness while expressing our gratitude that we wouldn't have to deal with one more item on our to-do list. (The guy seemed friendly. We didn't feel bad about leaving the dog with him at the time.)

And then we came home and did all the other things we had to do. We had a bit of a delay when Gaston called and said he and Alice want to come to Disneyland on Monday after all, and for once his last-minute change of plans is actually going to make life a little easier for us. The idea is for us to go wrangle munchkins, which is pretty tiring and often results in us not properly feeding ourselves, but Gaston and Alice want to have our traditional birthday lunch on Monday, which means taking a break from the children to have a lunch that has never failed to be very filling. And! they can help wrangle the children, too! There's winning all around...except for Celeste during the time we break off for lunch. We haven't warned her yet.

We also finally got Athena's Wizarding World crate, so it's like we got our crates as birthday presents! And finished our work and only had to stay up one hour past bedtime! So today has been pretty hard, but also pretty good.

Today I'm thankful for getting a little morale boost from a super cute puppy, having a cheery happy birthday balloon, getting all our work done, having both our Wizarding World crates, and having new dresses from Uniqlo to wear to church tomorrow.